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Camella Homes and Vista Land has been known for its generous provision of Class A community facilities and amenities. It is with the same generous provision that Camella Koronadal is granted with. 

Here’s a list of perks available for all residents to enjoy while living at Camella Koronadal. 

  • Guard House: A well-trained security officer is assigned 24/7 to man the guard house and take control of the entrance and exit gates. Visitors and all incoming and outgoing vehicles are being logged. 
  • Perimeter Fence: These are walls that provide the exclusivity of the entire Camella Koronadal. These walls separate the community from the outside world and safely keep the entire place from any unauthorized intrusions. 
  • Shuttle Service: A bus owned by Camella Homes has been assigned to help facilitate the ease of going out and coming in of the residents including their children and household helps. With the help of the shuttle service, residents need not wait for available transportation outside the gates of the village. 
  • Club House:  This is basically dedicated to providing a near, decent and free venue for residents. Families may celebrate intimate family occasions and gatherings like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and other events that require a much formal venue. Group and company events may as well be held in this place. 
  • Multi-purpose Court: This allows basketball enthusiasts to have a venue to enjoy their favorite sports. This can also be used as a volleyball court, among other outdoor ball games.  
  • Swimming Pool: This is a great melting pot for neighbors and residents to meet, greet and know each other. Also, a perfect place for family weekends to spend their free time. Adults can use the swimming pool even at night with proper coordination. 
  • Children’s Playground: Indeed an important place for kiddos to spend their weekends as most of them will surely resort to malls for playing purposes. With a children’s playground available, the kids can safely enjoy their time off. 
  • Jogging Path: Most of the health conscious people will always be doing this morning ritual as a form of daily exercise. Young and adults alike, our jogging path is a safer place for everyone to enjoy. 
  • Pocket Parks: These are nice venues for people who want to meditate or spend quiet moments. Pocket parks have tall trees to provide ample shade and a lot of ornamental plants to beautify the place even further. 
  • Gazebos: These are perfect for individuals and families who want to share some light moments. With gazebos, families may actually utilize the place for weekend picnics. Individuals who want to spend some time reading books may also enjoy the place.
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Playground
  • Multi-purpose Court
  • Jogging Path
  • Pocket Parks
  • Shuttle Service
  • Gazebo
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